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Entry Fees information for 2018 IIC

Since we have many different classes, fees are not all the same. Your first entry no matter what class you participate in will be more than your 2nd or 3rd classes. 

Your entry into the IIC is for more than just a ticket to race. It includes many things that make the IIC 100% different than any other event in the World.  

Your entry includes: Drivers Meeting Buffet Dinner, Free Beer and Taco night, Goodie Bag worth close to $100 of wonderful products from our sponsors, Event T Shirt, Driver ID Badge, For some classes a set of handout tires and finally the chance to race against some of the best racres in the World on what we hope you feel is the nicest indoor carpet track in the World.  All these things are what make the IIC unlike any other race in the World and we hope you can join us in Las Vegas for the 2018 IIC.

 Entry Fee 1st Class Additional Class
 Mod Sedan, Handout Tire $200.00 $125.00
 Super Stock Sedan, Handout Tire $200.00 $125.00
 Stock Sedan, Handout Tire & Motor $220.00 $125.00
 Amateur Sedan, Handout Tire & Motor $220.00 $125.00
 Spec Grand-Touring, Handout Tire $200.00 $125.00
 1/12th Modified $180.00 $100.00
 1/12th Super Stock $180.00 $100.00
 1/12th Stock, Handout Tire $190.00 $115.00
 F1, Handdout Tire $200.00 $125.00
 WGT-Rubber, BYORT $180.00 $100.00
 Euro Truck, Handout Tire & Motor $180.00 $100.00


 2018 Classes & Rules

 Class Motor Speed Control Mode Handout Tires Weight Battery Size Body Weight
 Mod Sedan Open Open Yes 1350 2S 90 Grams
 Super Stock Sedan 17.5 Blinky Yes 1350 2S 90 Grams
 Stock Sedan Handout
Hobbywing V10 G3 21.5
Blinky Yes 1350 2S 90 Grams
 Amateur Sedan Handout 21.5 Blinky Yes 1350 2S 90 Grams
 Spec Grand-Touring Handout
Hobbywing Justock Motor and Speed Control
Blinky Yes 1350 2S N/A
 1/12th Modified Open Blinky No 730 1S N/A
 1/12th Super Stock 13.5 Blinky No 730 1S N/A
 1/12th Stock 17.5 Blinky Yes BSR 730 1S N/A
 F1 25.5 Blinky Yes 1050 2S N/A
 WGT-Rubber 17.5 Blinky *BYORT 1025 1S N/A
 Euro Truck Handout TAMIYA KIT ESC YES 1475 2s N/A

Tamiya Euro Truck   

  1. This class is meant for you to have a lot of fun! We want you to walk off the drivers stand laughing.
  2. Legal kits: Item 58632 RC Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS (TT-01 type E chassis) & Item 58642 RC Team Reinert Racing MAN TGS (TT-01 type E chassis)

  3. The kit must be built exactly per the instruction manual.

  4. The ONLY Hop-Op Option permitted is Ball Bearings.

  5. Must use stock pinion and spur gear.

  6. The kit Tamiya TBLE-02S ESC and kit supplied motor (item 54358 RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor) must be used. Battery connector may be changed to DEANS. Motor Bullet connectors may NOT be removed.

  7. All body parts must be used.

  8. Body may be painted in any scheme.

  9. Any grease or lube may be used to lubricate gears or moving parts.

  10. Batteries: Any Reedy Wolf-Pack or Peak Racing Powermax ROUND CASE LiPo battery may be used for this class.

  11. Tires: Handout Kit Euro Truck tires and rims included with entry. 


*BYORT is Bring your own rubber tires. They must be new in the package when presented during registration. The tech crew will mark the tires. 
* WGT-Rubber; Calandra Racing CRC #2314 WGT-R Rubber tires <--You must bring your own tires with you, new in the package to tech.

Battery Voltage Rules:
1S = 4.20
2S = 8.40

Battery Charging Rules:
14 Amp Max Charge Rate
Must charge battery in a Lipo Sack

Battery Temp maximum 10 Deg over ambient temp. 


Extra Tire Purchase Prices:
* Sedan Tires: $T.B.D.
* 1/12th Front Tires: $T.BD.
* 1/12th Rear Tires: $T.B.D.

Tire Rules
* Marked tires need to be used for Qualifiers, and Mains. 
* You can used unmarked tires for practice.
* Tires must be used for the class that they are marked for.
* Sedan Tires -  You can get a maximum of 4 sets for the event.  
* WGT - Rubber - You can check in a maximum of 2 sets to be marked.
* F1 - You can get a maximum of 2 sets for the event. 
* 1/12th Stock - You can get a maximum of 4 sets for the event.

Part Numbers of Handout Tires:
* Sedan Rubber Tire Part Number: GRAVITY RC #132
* Spec Grand Touring: GRAVITY RC #GRC 124-GTB
* 1/12th Stock: BSR SPEC FRONT #F1233-S.   REAR #F1234-S
* F1 Front Tires: TAMIYA #
* F1 Rear Tires: TAMIYA #
* F1 Wheel Set: TAMIYA #

Approved Motor and Speed Control List:
* 13.5 Brushless Motors
* 17.5 Brushless Motors- CLICK HERE ** UPDATED 6-12-18
* 25.5 Brushless Motors
* Speed Control for Blinky Classes -  CLICK HERE * UPDATED 6-18-18

Spec Grand Touring Body List and Rules:

To keep the class looking as realistic as can be, only officially licensed bodies will be approved for Spec GT  


 * #1532-30 – Camaro ZL1
 * #1543-30 – Cadillac ATS.V-R
 * #1544-40 - Camaro Z/28
 * #1557-30 - Chevrolet Corvette CR7
 * #1563-25 - Chevrolet Corvetter ZR1
 * #1550-25 - Ford GT
 * #47315 RC Body Set Raybrig NSX Concept GT 
 * #47319 RC Body Set Motul Autech GT-R 
 * #51471 RC Body Set Audi R8 LMS 
 * #51474 RC Body Set Ferrari 599
 * #51526 RC Body Set Ferrari 458
 * #51562 RC Body Set Eneos Sustina RC F
 * #51563 RC Body Set Raybrig NSX Concept GT 
 * #51575 RC Body Set Subaru BRZ R&D 2014 Rd.2 Fuji
 * #51582 RC Body Set Petronas TOM's RC F 
 * #51584 RC Body Set Motul Autech GT-R
 * #84298 RC Body Set Audi R8 LMS-24h Nurburgring 
 * #84299 RC Body Set Ferrari 599XX
 This list may be updated and new bodies added up till Oct 14