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The latest update to the website is we have now posted the Spec Grand Touring Body list. This list may be updated and new bodies added up till Sept 1.



After the devastating news last year that our beloved Riviera was closing, we went on a search for a new home for the IIC. We found it at the Westgate Hotel and Casino and I was able to take an in depth behind the scene look at it last week and it is going to be awesome. Last year I took the regular tour and knew it would work well but seeing it all, I am confident that everyone will enjoy our new home. 

The place is very lively. An awesome casino with 2 bars right in the casino, many restaurants, a coffee shop right in the lobby and the hotel rooms are very nice. We have 2 levels of hotel rooms. The Premier rooms and the Signature rooms. Both levels are fully remodeled and both come with a small refrigerator. Reservations can be made for rooms at 1-800-635-7711 and the room code is SIIC6R. For those of you that will be bringing the family to the IIC, the Pool is awesome! Very large and spacious with cabanas, lots of lounge chairs and a grill and bar right there.

A very convenient way to get up and down the strip is the Monorail, which runs from the Westgate all the way to the MGM Grand and it is awesome. It loads right outside the front doors of the Westgate and takes you all the way down the strip in 15 minutes for $5. Way better than a taxi. I took a ride and it is great. It makes stops along the way to get you close to any spot you would like on the strip.


Classes for this years IIC. We have had great success with most of our classes in the past so most will stay the same with a few tweaks.
*Amateur Touring
*Stock 17.5 Touring
*Super Stock 13.5 Touring
*Modified Touring
*1/12th 17.5 
*1/12th 13.5 Super Stock
*1/12th Modified
*WGT Rubber
*Formula 1
*Spec GT
*Pro 10

Changes to this years classes will be the changing of WGT to Rubber tires. We have seen the class move to this and we will also. For this class, we will use the Calandra Racing CRC #2314 WGT-R Rubber tires. Racers will bring their own tires to the event, you must present a new in the package set at registration and we will mark them and you must use these during the event.

For 1/12th Stock class. In 2014 the idea of a handout spec tire was discussed within our IIC Team but the idea came up to late and we could not implement it. Now that the IIC is alive again, we will be doing a spec handout 1/12th tire for the Stock 17.5 class. Our goal is to help make this class attractive to new racers, help it grow and take the tire game out of the equation. 

Super Stock 13.5 and Modified will be open tire, but for the Stock class, it will be handout and we will have them at a very affordable price. Details with tire information will be posted asap.

We will be using Gravity RC as our Official Touring Car tire for the 2016 IIC. The Spec tire for Touring classes will be the Gravity RC G Spec Type C ‪#‎GRC‬ 132

For Spec GT it will be the GRC ‪#‎124GTB‬ USGT Pre-mount Spec Tire.

Entries will go live online at 8pm EST on June 28th I have a feeling that this years IIC is going to be very popular and we will have to cut off entries. So if you are planning on joining us, don't wait to enter. The IIC has become known as more than just another big RC Race. It is a social gathering of our industry sharing in the passion we all have for racing.

As an entrant to the IIC, your entry fee of course gets you into the event but includes far more than just your entry. You will receive a goody bag with many great products from our sponsors with a value of more than $50. Our drivers meeting is not simply a bunch of racers standing around listening to the rules, it is an event. You get a full course buffet dinner that is also included in your entry and that is not all. On Monday night we will have our famous Sponsor Meet and Greet with all the free Beer and Tacos you can eat and drink! So as you can see, your entry into the IIC is far more than just the chance to race, it is the chance to experience a totally different kind of event. 

Entry fee is $200 for your first entry if it includes handout tires. 
$180 if it does not.
Your second entry is $120 or $100. 
Entry fee for Amateur is $220 and this includes a handout motor. 

We will have the full break down off all the classes and rules on the event website.

I am sure you will have many questions and I invite you to make a post and myself or the veterans of the IIC will be happy to help out and answer your questions or feel free to drop me an email at and I will be happy to answer them.

The IIC is a different kind of event and we all hope you can find time to join us for the 11th running of the International Indoor Championships. October 2-7th 2016 in Las Vegas USA!




For this years race, we have had to make a few adjustments to the schedule. What this means is that the finals will be run on Friday instead of Saturday. So that means we have to shift everything to the left by one day. Here is how this years schedule will work:

October 2:  Registration and Pit setup Noon-5pm. Drivers meeting Buffett Dinner 6pm
October 3:  Practice
October 4:  Practice
October 5:  Qualifying
October 6:  Qualifying
October 7:  Mains

You can now book your rooms online. In addition, you can choose from more than room style, if available. To book your room online click here. If you would prefer to call the hotel and talk to someone you can call them at 1-800-635-7711  and the room code is SIIC6R.




It has been a long and difficult road but hard work pays off and we are BACK! Oct 2-8 2016 at the WESTGATE HOTEL AND CASINO.

The WESTGATE is located just behind the Riviera and was the Hilton in its previous life. It is an beautiful hotel and casino with tons of shops, restaurants and stuff to do and located directly on the Monorail.

The hotel booking code will not be active until next week and I will post that as soon as it is live. But for now you can start looking into flights and make plans to join us in Las Vegas for the 11th running of the International Indoor Championships.




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