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It is February and some news has happened that I wanted to let everyone know about. Time continues to march forward and one by one the iconic landmark casinos that made Las Vegas famous are left for memories and pictures. The latest to meet its doom is our beloved home of the IIC, The Riviera.

The Riviera was voted to be sold and scheduled to be demolished in May of this year. It is very sad for sure since it has been our home for the IIC for so many years, but nothing is forever and it is time to start the next chapter in the IIC history.

I have already been working to find a new home for the IIC and I just wanted to let everyone know that things are progressing. We have some very positive leads on new locations and will of course let everyone know how things are going. Unfortunately one thing that may have to change is the date.

This is a last resort for sure, but since we will have to move hotels and fit into the openings the new location would have, we may have to move our date. Again this is my last resort as I know many have planned vacation time already and some have bought tickets, but we may not have another option. I will again keep everyone up to date on things as it moves forward. 



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