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As with anything in racing, technology always evolves and racers and manufacturers push the limits to find that little bit extra to go faster.  Currently that little extra is running extremely lightweight and basically disposable bodies that last for 1 event. We have seen this before in the foam Touring Car days many years ago and back then it was a detriment to the hobby and it is again in the current stage. Racing quality has decreased drastically with so many body tucks from these thin bodies and all you see on the track now is spray bomb 1 color bodies and this needs to stop. 

We will be implementing a 90gram minimum weight of all touring car bodies for the IIC.  Thin or Pro Light bodies will NOT be allowed.

All current body manufacturers have bodies that will meet this 90g rule without any special things to do to them to reach this weight almost perfectly.  You will be allowed to run foam pieces on the inside front of the body to take up space between the bumper, you will be able to run anti tuck devices, you can use a small piece of clear tape on the inside of the body above the front wheel wells to protect the body but you will NOT be allowed to use any other type of voodoo to make your ultra thin bodies heavy. No tape all over the sides of the bodies. No special heavy paint or anything like that. 

We are doing this to make the racing better and to keep the cost down for racers not having to get extra bodies because the thin ones are destroyed after a bad crash. 

As always, I welcome any feedback you have as our goal is to make the IIC the best event we possibly can for all levels of racers. Please feel free to email at


As the New Year is upon us, we look toward another great year of racing and that means making plans for the 2018 IIC in Las Vegas.

For those of you who have attended our events in Las Vegas, you understand the amount of work and space that is required to hold it. You have seen large companies and exhibits happening at the same time as ours. This has made it increasingly difficult for us to find the necessary space and dates that work in our calendar. Since we are one of the smallest groups the hotel books, as the organizer of the IIC, we have to take dates and the space they offer. Sometimes, that means we have to change our dates which is the case for 2018. The hotel had only one option for us and we have no choice but to select Nov 13-18.

I fully understand that this is a conflict within our racing World as one week later the US Indoor Championships in Cleveland will be holding its annual event over Thanksgiving as they have done for the past 40 years. Those of you who know me, know my passion for this industry and my respect for tradition within our industry and would not move the IIC if I did not have to.

Registration for the IIC will open up on June 19th at 7pm CT. I will have all the classes posted in the coming weeks and full details of the event.

With our change of dates, we were able to work out an AMAZING Hotel rate during our event for $49 a night for standard room. For a room in Vegas at a wonderful and exciting hotel, this is fantastic and will help everyone enjoy their time with us. This rate will be in affect a few days before and after the event so if you wanted to make a bit of a vacation out of it, you will still be able to get the great rate.

We look forward to seeing all of our friends from around the World in November for the 2018 IIC. Make it a November to Remember!

If you are inquiring about the International Off-Road Carpet Championship race we will have more information soon.

If you race On-Road, Off-Road, or both, Vegas is where you will want to be in November!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email Scotty at 





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